Fireplace updated

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Our den is the main room we spend most of our time in as a family. We’ve done some other updates to this room which I will post about later. One thing I’ve always disliked more than anything is the brass fireplace. Here’s a photo of the room when we purchased the home with the previous owners stuff.

I was searching for ideas on how to update it without having to buy a whole new one, but I wanted to keep it safe and functional too.  After reading lots of reviews, I went ahead and ordered this high heat spray product usually used for BBQ’s from

The next step was to prepare the surface. I used blue dawn to wipe it down and take off any dust, grease or soot that may have been on there. After that I took paper bags and painters tape and covered the entire area. I also opened every window, door and the skylights. I didn’t want to pass out from the fumes! Preparing the area with tape and bags took 3 times the amount of time then actually painting it.

Once it was ready, I lightly sprayed from one direction to the other about 8 to10 inches from the brass. You can always go over it when it’s dry, but if you spray too much liquid it will drip.  Wear rubber gloves! (notice how black mine are in this pic)


I put the ceiling fan on and hightailed it out of there for about an hour. When I came back in it was perfectly dry. I touched up a few spots that still showed a bit of gold and let it dry again. Once it was all set, clean up was super easy!

I’m so happy with the results and this cost me less then $10 and just an hour and a half in time!

I hope you find this post helpful, let me know in the comments below what you think!

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