Amazon Fresh

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Amazon Fresh is my new best friend. It seriously saves me so much money every single week. It is such a great service, and I don’t even have to be home for delivery!

We order at least once if not twice a week. Sign up for a free 30 day trial here

They carry everything (and more) that I was buying at the food store, but I no longer have to go to the store which saves me time, and money because there is no impulse buying. Win win! On top of that, because we have food allergies and try to eat organic, I was going to 2 to 3 stores a week to buy all the items we love. Well I’m not doing that anymore either!

From the freshest produce, to the butcher meats and seafood, you just can’t beat it! I’ve had very few issues with any products, but on occasion the mailman from my local post office, is a little careless in delivery and I’ve had something squished inside. A quick phone call or online chat to customer service and its refunded in full, sometimes even with an additional credit due to the inconvenience. What more could you ask for?

With other delivery services I’ve used in the past, I was tipping the driver, paying delivery fees, and almost every single time without fail, I was told at delivery several items were out of stock and either replaced with a product I didn’t want, or not at all. I’m a meal planner for the week so this was a huge bummer when this happened.

With amazon Fresh, I can see what is in stock based on my delivery time, ahead of time so in case they don’t have something (which so far has been very rare) I am able to pick my own substitute.

How it works, log into your amazon Prime account, if you don’t have one of those sign up for a free 30 day trial Here , so worth it and with the holiday season coming up, this will save you money and time! You also get access to free 2 day shipping, movies, tv shows, ebooks, and music for free with the account.

Then go to amazon fresh on the top bar

Here is the link again for a 30 day free trial

Select if you want doorstep delivery (this is what we use, everything is delivered in totes that have ice packs or dry ice. From my experience the items stay cold for hours even in the middle of the summer)

Or Attended Delivery- which means you have to be home to accept the delivery. Perfect for apartments or places where you wouldn’t want to leave everything outside.

Select your delivery date, then time and then hit reserve this time.

From there it takes you back to the home screen and I select fresh again and then start shopping! I usually go to Fresh deals first and see what’s on sale. There are usually some really great deals! I’ve gotten a 6 pack of brawny paper towels for $1, and various groceries for 25 cents!

The best part is, it keeps track of all of your purchases so if you are like me and buy the same items weekly you can go into your account and select Past Purchases and shop from your list. You can also make separate grocery lists if needed.

I’d love to hear your experience with Amazon Fresh so leave me a comment below! And don’t forget to take advantage of a 30 day free trial by signing up here


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